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Are you tired of feeling sluggish & worn out?

Don’t know who to trust? With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Jody will help you get back on track. If you’re tired of feeling worn out and frustrated with your health, have a consult with Dr. Jody.

  • Are you tired of feeling heavy and low on energy?
  • Do you want to get in shape but can't seem to find the time?
  • Do you find yourself stressed out day after day, unable to keep up with everything in your hectic life?

Having a complimentary consultation will give you simple tools to improve your health, physically as well as mentally. Improving your energy levels can have a tremendous effect on your productivity, self-confidence, and happiness. In this consult, you’ll discover Dr. Jody’s proven Formula to feel your best. You’ll gain simple tips to apply immediately for having more energy and peace in your life.

Naturopathic Doctor Jody Stanislaw has spent decades successfully helping clients dramatically improve their lives via her E.A.S.Y. Lifestyle Transformation Formula. She can teach you simple strategies for how to improve your: E.ating, A.ctivity, S.leep, and Y.ou (mental health). Each one of these Four Essential Pillars of Health is necessary for creating a life overflowing with well-being— and best of all, a life you enjoy!

  • To say that Dr. Jody changed my life is an understatement. Her knowledge and expertise, as well as her caring and compassion, have significantly improved my health. Trust her and believe her; follow her guidance; you will not regret it! - Marjolaine Renfro, age 63
  • I’ve lost 25 pounds since working with Dr. Jody, and now have more energy and finally feel better than ever! Following her simple advice has improved my health more than I ever thought possible. - Erikka Gray, mother of 3, age 43

Praise for Dr. Jody Stanislaw

  • After seeing Dr. Jody, I felt better within a few short weeks then I had in years. Her knowledge and straightforward approach is so easy to follow. Dr. Jody listens and takes in the whole picture of your health. I’d recommend Dr. Jody to anyone. - Julie Whitlock, age 43
  • Using the simple strategies and practical advice in Dr. Jody’s E.A.S.Y. Lifestyle Transformation Program, I’ve achieved amazing results; losing 20 lbs and breaking food and substance addictions I’ve had for over 25 years. Working with Dr. Jody has changed my life in the most extraordinary way; not only am I enjoying increased health and energy, also more personal fulfillment in my career and relationships. Thank you Dr. Jody! - Tracey Baer, age 41
  • Finding Dr. Jody has been a life-saving blessing. I was struggling with RA and a friend suggested I see her. My joints were hurting and I was struggling to even walk without pain. After just a few short weeks of following Dr. Jody’s suggestions, my hope returned. I slowly started feeling a bit better everyday. I am now thrilled to say I am back to all of my beloved activities of biking and hiking. During my most recent visit to the rheumatologist, she even said it almost looks like I don’t even have RA anymore! I am so grateful to Dr. Jody. She is fantastic. - Debbie Tucker, RN, age 58