Soft Armor vests For Concealment

The most common soft armor used by military and law enforcement personnel are high density polyethylene or Dense Plylar (HP) vests. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, styles, and materials. Most vests are made with a front, stretchy layer of material that is then stitched around the entire vest for additional durability. The material is typically made from fiberglass, Kevlar, or high density polyethylene, which are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use, and very versatile. However, there are several other types of vests that are equally effective as long as they meet your needs.

There are also concealable vests available for military and law enforcement personnel. These concealable vests do not offer the protection of a plate carrier, but they still pack a powerful punch. Concealable vests consist of a heavy duty nylon, or other heavy duty synthetic fabric, that covers the wearer’s torso. As this type of soft armor is not bulletproof, it is not recommended for shooting practice, yet it can cover an attacker in case they are struck by your body armor. This type of armor is most effective if you are being attacked by someone who is determined to get you.

If you are considering purchasing a hard armor or soft armor to use for concealment, it may be beneficial to invest in a good t-shirt, or two. It’s important that if you choose a vest, you buy the appropriate color for your clothing, such as a dark gray t-shirt to conceal a black leather vest, or a dark blue shirt to blend in with a olive green colored hard armor vest. When you are planning to buy a soft vest, or a vest that will replace your hard armor, be sure to choose one that is of the same or higher quality than your other gear. Although you may never use the vest all the time, it is better to have it available and ready to be used for that moment if it does get used, than to be scrambling for your other gear when it gets damaged, or stolen, which is what tends to happen more frequently.